NGN Course

"5G Network for Industry 4.0"

22-24 May 2024

Next Gen Networks Institute, our associate partner in Kosovo, and Future Networks Academy Professor Jose Costa-Requena from Aalto University are excited to offer a comprehensive free course on 5G Network for Industry 4.0.

Course overview:

This course covers the basic features of 5G mobile network for industrial deployments including the architecture, the main interfaces and functional elements, support for voice services, and the deployment of 5G technology in private networks.

Various enabling technologies such Precise Time Protocol (PTP) and Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) will be presented. In addition 5GLAN and network slicing will be introduced.

The course will include hands on experience to deploy and manage private industrial network.

A commercial, off the shelf base station would be used for the training and 5G core module to be connected to the base station and few mobile devices used for testing.

In this second part of the course, the main aspects related to the writing SIM cards, configuring the devices and connecting industrial switches will be included to show Ethernet and TSN connectivity between 5G and fixed industrial networks.


What knowledge and skills would you acquire after the training:

  • Fundamentals of 5G mobile network architectures and their evolution towards 6G.
  • Standardization efforts aimed at opening the network to service developers.
  • Insights of usage of private networks.
  • Integration of 5G into industrial fixed networks
  • Deployment of a 5G network environment.

Professor: Jose Costa-Requena, Aalto University



  • on-site for participants from Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, and Montenegro.

Who should apply:

  • Undergraduate students
  • Master’s students
  • PhD and Postdoctoral students
  • Researchers, academics
  • Industry professionals, entrepreneurs
  • Anyone interested in the topic

Applications prerequisites:

  • Knowledge in communication networks
  • ICT Graduate/Master Student or professional
  • Basic knowledge of Linux environment


When: May 22-24, 2024 from 09:00 till 16:00,

Where: NGN building, Mujo Ulqinaku no. 8/2, Pejton Pristina Kosov

How to apply: please submit a registration form at the NGN website

Application deadline: 



For more information about the course, please contact the course coordinator at:

+383 49 788 998
+383 49 788 996