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    The seminar "Cloud Native Principles - The Enabler for Virtual Telco Networks, 8th April 2024

    The seminar was hosted by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and led by Dr. Hans Einsiedler from Deutsche Telekom. It attracted over 120 participants, including Master Students, educators, researchers, and industry professionals, focusing on critical areas for the future of telecommunications:

    - Future network requirements for operators.

    - Dynamic adaptation in networks with software-based components.

    - Cloud computing's support for SDN, NFV, and Network Slicing.

    This event was pivotal for those looking to deepen their understanding of telecommunications' evolving landscape.

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    The seminar "Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) Standards," 11th April 2024

    The seminar was led by Dr. Julio Montalvo García, a Technology Expert at Telefónica Global CTIO. The session provided an in-depth exploration of GPON technology, covering critical aspects such as the physical layer, Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) protocol, device management, and control interface (OMCI). It also highlighted the progressive evolution of PON technology towards capacities of 50Gbps and beyond.

    The seminar was attended by over 100 participants, including Master's students, researchers, and industry experts. Together, they gained a comprehensive understanding of the trends in optical transport networks, learning about the basic elements, topologies, and advanced issues in passive optical networks.

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    The seminar "Deployment of Telecommunication Infrastructures in Rural Areas", 15th April 2024

    Led by Dr. Carlos Javier Moreno Sánchez, Director of Telecommunications at Deloitte, the seminar attracted 144 participants including master's students, researchers, and teaching staff.

    This session provided attendees with a deep dive into the use of specific technologies and deployment tools, guided by socioeconomic and political considerations. Through case studies from Colombia, participants gained hands-on insights into designing and implementing telecommunications networks in rural settings.